Common Frustrations with SSDI Applications

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration tends to deny applications for disability benefits because they are always on the lookout for fraud. There are several things that applicants should know when they are applying for disability.

1. Applicants should have a healthy skepticism for the “system” and should know that they will likely face an uphill battle to appeal a denial; this is unfortunate but the SSA must protect themselves against those who abuse the system; also, applicants and their advocates (usually a lawyer) need to check and double check that everything is filed properly – don’t count on the SSA contacting to remind you of all the deadline dates and requirements

2. Examiners do not have an emotional investment in your claim; to make yours stand out, you must include detailed medical records that illustrate your physical limitations, prognosis, and especially your limitations due to the disability

3. You will probably need much more than just one doctor’s opinion that you have a disability; be prepared to submit to additional exams and provide more supporting documents than one doctor’s notes

4. Time is crucial and you can apply for disability as soon as you become disabled; there will be waiting periods but it is possible to eventually receive back pay; do not procrastinate!

5. You should definitely find a disability lawyer; many are willing to work out payment plans to make their services affordable.

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